deconstruction tractor factory | racine, wisconsin

Urban Evolutions reclaimed over two million board feet of timber and approximately 200,000 square feet of factory maple from the former J.I. Case Plow Works Factory and J.I. Case Co. factories in Racine, Wisconsin.

The four-story structure, located at 615 Marquette Street, is the former J.I. Case Plow Works factory. It was constructed in 1901 for manufacturing and storage purposes and later used for office space. The buildings located on Water Street are former J.I. Case Co. factories. Below are a few deconstruction images from the old factory as our team salvaged for heart pine and factory maple.

Removing Factory Maple Flooring Inside JI Case Tractor Factory in Racine
Heart Pine Timbers Outside JI Case Tractor Factory in Racine, Wisconsin
Stacks of Factory Maple Flooring Inside J.I. Case Tractor Factory

Heart Pine Timbers

The heart pine factory timbers are from trees that are over 400 years old and are referred to as “southern steel” for their use in construction before steel was available.

Heart Pine Flooring & Cladding
Heart Pine Timber Table

You can find this material inside The Spice House in Chicago well as 9 Orchard Hotel and the Park Avenue Armory in NYC (pictured below.)

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring installed at Park Avenue Armory in NYC

Factory Maple Flooring

The factory maple material showcases color variation along with the rustic overtones from cart tracks, boot patterns, and mineral stains.

Factory Maple Flooring & Cladding
Drop Edge Factory Maple Table

You can find this material inside Marine Layer in New York City and Petco’s Reddy flagship store in SoHo (pictured below.)

You can read more about this project as it was featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Racine Journal Times as well as Appleton’s Post Crescent.

To find out the environmental impact of the J.I. Case factory reclamation project, visit our blog.

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