Urban Wood

Working with Cities to Repurpose Fallen Trees

In addition to our reclaimed woods and forested lumber, Urban Evolutions has introduced “urban wood” to our product line. Our program involves working with municipalities to repurpose fallen city trees. From those trees, we create beautiful, live sawn wall paneling, flooring, and tabletops for commercial and residential spaces. We are pleased to offer this local and sustainable alternative. A tree’s ability to absorb carbon throughout its life span makes them a vital resource in combating global warming. Choosing a sustainable source for your project or product ensures that those trees continue to store their carbon well into the future. Read about the beauty and impact of urban wood and trends in sustainable design.

Veneer Paneling

Our UE LIVE SAWN product collection includes beautiful, veneer paneling for commercial and residential spaces.
Visit our Veneer Wood Paneling page for more information.

Wood Paneling Veneer Ash Soft White

Ash Veneer Wall Panel
Soft White

Our White Oak Wood Wall Paneling Veneer in Matte Clear Finish

White Oak Veneer Wall Panel
Matte Clear

Wood Wall Paneling Ash Veneer Barley Finish

Ash Veneer Wall Panel

Wood Wall Paneling Veneer Walnut Premium Oil Finish

Walnut Veneer Wall Panel
Premium Oil

Wood Wall Paneling Ash Veneer Deep Brown Finish

Ash Veneer Wall Panel
Deep Brown

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Flooring & Cladding

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live sawn elm urban wood flooring with natural finish

Live Sawn Elm
in Natural Finish

live sawn ash urban wood flooring finished in soft white

Live Sawn Ash
in Soft White Finish

live sawn ash urban wood flooring in smoke

Live Sawn Ash
in Smoke Finish

live sawn ash urban wood flooring in deep brown

Live Sawn Ash
in Deep Brown Finish

Tables, Counters & Surfaces

Our program offers tables, counters and surfaces that are available in single and book matched slabs in elm, walnut, white oak, maple and ash. Also available in wide plank, straight edge. Visit our Live Edge Tables for more information and browse our collection of Community and Conference Tables.


U-Base Table

mid-century modern wood table

Copenhagen Table


Incline Base Table

The Beauty & Impact of Urban Wood

Scott Boncher Selecting Fallen City Trees for Urban Wood Products

Urban wood’s impact includes:  

  • keeping carbon from being released into the atmosphere (a process known as carbon sequestration)  

  • creating jobs  

  • diverting felled trees from landfills 

  • reusing lumber resources

Turning trees into solid wood products provides the only long-term carbon storage option. While many municipalities have begun recycling trees into mulch or firewood, our urban wood program keeps the wood in solid board form.

Read our blog to learn more.