Our Commitment to Sustainability

As architects and designers, we carry tremendous influence over the environmental impact of a building or product. We see this as both a responsibility and an opportunity. As your material design partner, we are committed to designing and providing building materials that meet the challenge of our century.

As we celebrate over 27 years of sustainable design, listen to president and co-owner, Robin Janson, discuss how Urban Evolutions and its products, materials, and services are positioned to combat climate change.

Sustainability In Action


Material Lab:
Urban Wood Veneer

Our urban wood veneers are sourced from rescued city trees. Available veneer species include ash in heart and sap ash varietals, as well as small batch white oak, walnut and elm.

Exterior Image of Eco Suburban Residence

Featured Project:
Eco Suburban Home

This home embraces so much that is good, possible and sustainable in building today.

Deconstructing J.I. Case Tractor Factory in Racine, Wisconsin

Featured Service:

As an alternative to demolition, we offer consultation, acquisition, deconstruction and reintegration services. 

Urban Wood Flooring and Treads in Office Space

Featured Project:
Veneer Paneling, Flooring, Treads & Tables
From Fallen City Trees

The reuse of materials in 200,000 sf corporate campus spurs an industry.

Sustainable Resources

URBAN EVOLUTIONS Declare Label for Wood Veneer and Slat Wall Panels

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Living Building Challenge Red List Approved

Open Grid Wood Wall Panel

Introducing Wall Panel Takeback Reuse Program:
Aimed at Diverting our 100% Reusable Wall Panels From Landfills

AIA-Accredited Presentation by Urban Evolutions & EUA

Demo Responsibly:
AIA Accredited Presentation


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The Circular Economy’s Impact on Design

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