Reclaimed Wood. Urban Wood. Deconstruction. 

Working with salvaged materials for over 27 years, we offer a unique portfolio of reclaimed wood products and materials. More recently, we began to rescue fallen city trees to create beautiful, live sawn urban wood offerings. Adding our contemporary deconstruction services as an alternative to demolition completes our full spectrum of sustainable sourcing.Watch the video to hear Urban Evolutions’ president and co-owner, Robin Janson, discuss more about our products, materials, and services.

Our goal is to challenge and support our customers in seeing building materials for what they are…a limited resource. Through the ambitious reuse of materials, we believe we can make an impact on an entire project or, even better, an industry.


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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Your Material Design Partner 

At Urban Evolutions, we thrive on material innovation. Based on our 25 years of history in sustainable wood sourcing, our designs and custom work are always material driven. Our goal is to create products that truly captivate and inspire those entering the space.    

Our collaboration extends to sourcing unique and novel materials, adjusting size and scale of existing products and custom finishing. 

We understand that our work product has a significant environmental impact that we can help control. At Urban Evolutions, we see this as both a responsibility and an opportunity. As your material design partner, we are committed to designing and providing building materials that meet the challenge of our century. 

Our team welcomes requests for custom projects. We can take your inspiration images or customize one of our own products to create the distinct look you are after. Please contact us to discuss your next project.

Reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring installed at Park Avenue Armory in NYC (Alejandro Duran, Park Avenue Armory, 2019.)

About Us

Urban Evolutions provides sustainable material solutions to architects and interior designers. We supply flooring, wall and ceiling cladding, slatted wood wall and ceiling panels, solid and constructed beams, treads, doors, siding, tables and surfaces and custom products. All our sustainable manufactured products and sourcing are from within the USA. 

You can find our products in corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants and institutions. Our brand client list includes LinkedIn, Fiserv and Sports Arenas, Bank of America, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, University of Wisconsin, Sundance, and the URBN family of brands. 

Urban Evolutions recently added fallen city wood (urban wood) to our product offering. We work with municipalities to create beautiful, live sawn veneer plywood, flooring, treads and tabletops. To honor our commitment to material reuse, we provide consultation, acquisition and deconstruction services for projects that require buildings to be razed or significantly adapted.