Nature Unedited

Urban Evolutions Introduces UE LIVE SAWN

A collection celebrating the naturally occurring, full-grain character
in our responsibly sourced wood veneer panels and hardwoods.

Live Sawn Urban Wood Ash Flooring Installed in Office

© Jason O’Rear

The UE LIVE SAWN Collection offers a cohesive, full product suite from one single sustainable source:

Working with local and underutilized wood materials for the past 25 years has taught us to stretch beyond the expected and let nature be our guide to what is beautiful and acceptable in building design.

Benefits of live sawn include:

  • A more connected visual experience to the life and growth of the tree
  • Responsible wood sourcing to include urban wood, underutilized species, and selectively harvested Midwest lumber. 
  • Opportunities for regional and local sourcing
  • Maximizing wood yields
  • Lower waste manufacturing 
  • Healthy interior finishes 

See our UE LIVE SAWN ash veneer wall paneling, flooring, treads and tables in LinkedIn’s Omaha office by visiting our Portfolio. Individual product links can be found below.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

The Live Sawn Design Movement

A new and essential direction in environmentally responsible design

The Live Sawn Design Movement Image Placeholder

© Jason O’Rear

Live sawn describes a traditional and historic slicing method for lumber, more commonly used across EuropeThis technique, combined with our responsible sourcing, produces a less edited, whole-grain appearance in flooring, wall cladding, table-top and veneer plywoodUE LIVE SAWN further allows for wider board widths, less waste, and provides a traceable wood story to be celebrated within projects across the country. Read more.

Featured Product: Veneer Wall Paneling

Wood Paneling Veneer Ash Soft White

Ash Veneer Wall Panel
Soft White

Our White Oak Wood Wall Paneling Veneer in Matte Clear Finish

White Oak Veneer Wall Panel
Matte Clear

Wood Wall Paneling Ash Veneer Barley Finish

Ash Veneer Wall Panel

Wood Wall Paneling Veneer Walnut Premium Oil Finish

Walnut Veneer Wall Panel
Premium Oil

Wood Wall Paneling Ash Veneer Deep Brown Finish

Ash Veneer Wall Panel
Deep Brown


The Perfect Pairing

Live sawn wide plank flooring or wooden veneer panels paired with our slatted wood walls is the perfect combination.

Classic Slat Wood Wall Panel in White Oak with Matte Clear Finish

Our three-dimensional slat wood wall panels provide a refined, modern alternative to traditional wood paneling, bringing warmth and texture to commercial and residential settings. Our product offering includes white oak, ash, walnut, doug fir and paint grade in most of our standard profiles.


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