UE Pioneers Approach to Circularity
in Engineered Wood Products

Our engineered slat & veneer wood wall panels are designed
with sustainability and circul
arity in mind at every stage

But what happens to these products once they’ve outlived their usefulness in a space 

We recognize the impact of discarded wood wall panel products, which too frequently find their way into landfills or incinerators when commercial buildings undergo renovations. Adding to the challenge, commercial interiors are often renovated every 5-10 years, which may result in our wood wall panels being discarded long before the end of their useful life. We find this wasteful, particularly since most wood products manufacturers offer little to no guidance on products at the end-of-life stage.  

“We believe in the power of the circular economy and are committed to giving our products a second chance to bring the benefits of biophilic design to new spaces,” said Emma Kiel, Sustainability Director at Urban Evolutions.

Introducing the UE Takeback Reuse Program

The UE Takeback Reuse Program is a proactive initiative to divert our wood wall panel products from landfills. Leveraging our extensive network of reuse centers across the country, we identify panels in good condition and relocate them to qualified reuse centers near removal sites.  

Manufacturer takeback programs have been established for some time, yet only a few companies have successfully implemented this concept. Moreover, many recycling programs have limited capacity and involve carbon-intensive processes. Current takeback programs, focused on recycling, may be missing the mark on maximizing diversion. Instead, our program focuses on first promoting the reuse of our panels, rather than recycling or remanufacturing. This approach prevents panels from contributing to landfill waste and ensures they remain in a regional circular economy, providing an affordable reuse option for local businesses and homeowners.  


Urban Evolutions recommends our panels be installed with Monarch Z-Clips, which contain at least 75% post-consumer aluminum content and are 100% recyclable. This installation system avoids the need for adhesive and face screws, preserving the look and integrity of the panel. The Z-Clips can be stored with the panels, so new installation systems are unnecessary.  

To ensure participation in the program, project teams who specify and install our veneer & slat wood wall panels should include the Urban Evolutions Veneer & Slat Wood Wall Panel Takeback Reuse Program technical specifications with their closeout documents.  


When the panels are scheduled for removal, project teams notify Urban Evolutions to initiate the process. We provide guidelines for removal and palletizing to ensure quality maintenance and efficiency for reuse.  


Urban Evolutions works to find a reuse center in the project’s region that will accommodate the panels and arrange pick up or transport directly from the job site. While transportation cost varies depending on quantity and location, we prioritize reuse centers that offer local pickup at no cost to the project team.  

As the reuse marketplace grows, takeback programs must take advantage of these local resources to divert landfill waste,said Kiel.


The UE Takeback Reuse Program offers many benefits in growing engineered wood’s place in the circular economy, including:  

  • LEED Credits may apply: M&R – Construction & Demolition Waste Management 
  • Tax deductions may apply for donated materials 
  • Up to five pounds per square foot diverted from the waste stream 
  • Regional relocation leads to lower transportation emissions 
  • Supports the growth of regional reuse economies 

We are excited to offer this innovative approach to reuse and takeback programs so our products can continue to beautify and promote biophilia in their next life,” said Kiel.

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