Classic Slat Wood Wall Panels
Barnes & Noble Cafe | 11 Locations

Our classic slat wood wall panels have been incorporated into 11 locations and continues to expand, spanning from Oregon to New York and down to North Carolina and Georgia.  

Because we believe that the vitality of brick-and-mortar stores should reflect both human and planetary well-being, our solid white oak is sourced domestically and finished with our certified Clean Air Gold clear finish. 

This is echoed by the Terrapin Study (2022) which credits wood interiors as boosting feelings of warmth and comfort and lowering blood pressure and stress. (For more on wood’s critical role in biophilic design, read this blog.)

“Participating in Barnes & Noble’s effort to revitalize the in-store experience has been a fantastic experience,” said Matt Rasmussen, product designer at Urban Evolutions. 

For more on Barnes & Noble’s strategy to make a better bookshop, read this article from Forbes magazine.

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Main image description: Barnes & Noble located on Hilltop Drive in Redding, CA
Image credit: Jen Peterson Photography