Scallop Bed

This bed features antique pine salvaged from floor-joist material used in turn-of-the-century barns throughout the Midwest. The masculine character of the wood is contrasted by a simple French [...]

Reclaimed Pine Cladding

Our pine cladding is sourced from century-old barn boards across the midwest featuring original weathering and saw marks. The following four varieties of pine cladding are available [...]

Reclaimed Oak Cladding

Foraged from century-old American barns and factories, oak timber embodies America’s strong and storied industrial heritage. In our processing, we reveal the oak’s characteristic tight growth [...]

Factory Maple Café Table

Harvested from original flooring from textile mills and factories, our eclectic batches of deeply scarred factory maple tells the story of work and toil from the last [...]

Accent Runner Conference Table

This conference table features an accent runner. Created with material re-sawn from sleeper logs, the large foundation timbers that undergird the floor of barns throughout the upper [...]

Waterfall Community Table

One of our most versatile products, the waterfall community table is available in a variety of woods. Standard size: 72″ x 24″ All of our community tables tops are available in custom [...]

Wright Community & Conference Table

The Wright Conference and Community Table is made from the basement milking parlor joists salvaged from dairy barns across the upper Midwest and sits on a substantial base. It is also available [...]