A large US retail customer needed 62 reclaimed timbers for the ceilings of their new store in Abu Dhabi. As it goes with timber, size and rarity go hand-in-hand.

Procuring beautifully hand-hewn, straight beams, some up to 32 1/2’ long is definitely a challenge, but Lynn and Leah say “bring it on”. It took 3 months to locate the perfect timbers, and a trip by another employee to work with a group of Mennonites in Ohio to hand-pick the largest and finest ones.

Our reclaimed timbers are always finished to order. We will power wash, heat treat, and hand sand the former structural framing and stringer beams and even finish with a matte clear coat.  If requested, we will fill mortise pockets, or leave them for character. Hand-hewn timbers hold the rustic hundred-year-old history of ax-wielding craftsman.  Rough sawn beams are also available and have a more industrial look, with plenty of character and patina.

Our reclaimed timbers species include Douglas fir and other pines, oak, and mixed hardwoods. We’ve used them as ceiling beams, framing, trusses, and as substantial elements in reclaimed furniture, but if you’ve got other ideas we’re listening.