What started in the 90s with Shabby Chic has now transformed into an increased demand for reclaimed wood materials and furniture. The desire by consumers and industry professionals to incorporate this element into their designs and living spaces was highlighted in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, in which Urban Evolutions was featured. (Our work with Mitch Wise on the Webster Residence was, too!)

What’s driving the desire for this sought-after product we work with every day? Here are some thoughts from Urban staff:

  1. It’s sustainable: We believe making a “green” or sustainable choice is an added benefit for our customers. It makes sense for us to build things simply, out of materials sourced close to us, materials that are uniquely beautiful and stronger than their newly harvested counterparts. The company began out of a love for creating something new and surprising. Our passion for reclaimed remains strong today.
  2. It tells a story: The materials and pieces that we offer our customers have a story to tell. For example, people love to share that their coffee table was made out of wood reclaimed from the old Pabst factory. The other part of that story is that that piece of furniture was built right here in the community by people from that community.
  3. It gives instant character: Consumers and design professionals love using reclaimed materials in their construction plans to give a new space immediate personality. Our customers want the space they live and work in to be like no other.  Our materials, each being uniquely textured and hand crafted, allow a home owner or corporate client to express themselves in a distinct and independent way.
  4. It’s local: Our tagline “Made in America. Again.” is the perfect way to describe our commitment to “reclaiming” and “making” our materials in the United States. Our customers trust in the quality of something locally made and appreciate the design.

We’d like to think the demand for reclaimed wood will continue to increase over the next several years as more consumers and design professionals realize these benefits.

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