Wall & Ceiling Cladding

Foraged from century-old American barns and factories across the midwest, our oak and pine cladding can be planed clean or feature original weathering and saw marks. We also offer redwood, walnut, gym floor, tobacco lath and tank stock.

Our reclaimed wood wall and ceiling cladding is available unfinished or choose from one of our custom finishes. Click on the links below to view product specifications.




The words “material inspired design” capture our approach to reclaimed furniture. For nearly two decades, we have used reclaimed materials from our salvage yard and warehouses to build reclaimed dining tables, bedroom furniture, cabinets and shelving and other reclaimed furniture.

In addition to designing and producing reclaimed furniture and home accessories, Urban Evolutions is the your source for reclaimed materials used by the most cutting edge and sustainabilityminded architects, designers, contractors, builders and manufacturers.