Crown_KyleFrom the flatbed truck into our outdoor storage yard and then inside our factory to be processed, our reclaimed materials are in constant motion.

Add to that the unpredictable Wisconsin weather and the sheer weight of reclaimed wood and its easy to see why our old fleet was in need of constant repairs. But when this caused loss of work time and the cost of these fixes kept growing, Urban knew it was time to look at a new option.

For our replacement units, we worked with Crown Equipment USA to supply us with two new forklifts, which have increased our productivity by 75%.

According to Lee Morey, operations manager, the increase in productivity was tied to the fact that the lift can now adjust the forks without our employees having to manually do it.

Because of this feature, pallet loading and unloading time on trucks changed significantly.

“In many cases, our average time went from 10 minutes to 2.5 minutes when loading multiple trucks back-to-back or at the same time,” said Lee.

Jeff Janson, Urban Evolutions co-owner, also feels it was important to work with an American company on this purchase because it supports the company’s mission and tagline, Made in America Again.

Watch this video produced by Crown to learn more.


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