Bringing the Outside In
Exterior Woods for Interior Walls

There’s no shortage of ways our customers have incorporated the natural beauty of exterior wood within the walls of homes, offices, restaurants and retail spaces.

Below is a list of our favorite examples. Our tank stock collection of reclaimed cladding is created from planed-off, reclaimed skins salvaged from pickling tanks across the midwest. Also featured is cedar siding that was repurposed from our client’s 1950s office into their new, modern space.

  1. Reclaimed redwood covering ceiling and wall areas in a California retail store
  2. Reclaimed redwood to clad a feature wall that ties together the kitchen, dining and living room in a Philadelphia residence
  3. Reclaimed cedar boards installed as wall cladding in a conference room in a Wisconsin office
  4. Reclaimed douglas-fir paneling in the reception area in a Wisconsin office
  5. Reclaimed tank stock to clad the walls, doors and cash bar in a Wisconsin restaurant

If you are have ideas on how to infuse an interior space with a bit of the outdoors, contact us to discuss today!

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