Tobacco lath pine, reclaimed mushroom wood and hand-hewn timbers make beautiful backdrops for showcasing beautiful flowers and garden pots. ¬†Located just outside Philadelphia, Terrain at Styer’s is a utopia of flora, fauna, garden pots, outdoor furniture. They have used our reclaimed materials in several ways:

Hand-Hewn Timber Skins
Think of it as architectural skin grafts. Okay, that’s a little creepy.¬† Still, our hand-hewn timber skins offer a great way of adding a thick textural appearance without the weight and size of full timbers.

Reclaimed Tobacco Lath
Thin pine sticks that were used to skewer fresh tobacco leaves and then hung for the drying process. Here we used them as a ceiling treatment at Terrain. The pine lath makes a great material for cladding walls, ceilings, or store fixtures to give instant warmth and character. The applications are limitless.

Reclaimed Mushroom Wood
These cypress and hemlock planks were used to grow mushrooms. They have an amazing texture as a result of the enzymes released during the mushroom growing process. This wood does not have psychedelic properties.

Reclaimed Whiskey Oak Skins
Old whiskey barrel staves clad the interior walls of the retail space. The wood is left unfinished to highlight the natural weathered gray appearance.

Do you have the perfect spot for reclaimed wood wall cladding?


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