Feeling the Brotherly Love

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Feeling The Brotherly Love

Philly, like no other city, has made beautiful use of our reclaimed materials. It started some 20 years ago with URBN retail brands, including half a million square feet of flooring for their Navy Yard Campus. Recently, our reclaimed materials and furnishings have found their second home in a residence, small retail space and office in the beloved city.

Here’s a look at some of Urban’s recent projects in Philadelphia:

  1. Long-time customer and designer, Robert Jamieson, used our reclaimed redwood to clad a feature wall in a renovated residence in Philadelphia.
  2. Our reclaimed wood floors can be seen in Philadephia’s Hats in the Belfry, a 900 square foot retail store in Center City designed by Chrysalis Studio’s Hope Velocette.
  3. Reclaimed tobacco lathe was used to clad walls in a design by Jamieson for an office in Malvern.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how to use Urban’s reclaimed materials and fixtures in your next project.[mk_button corner_style=”rounded” size=”medium” url=”https://urbanevolutions.com/contact/” target=”_blank” bg_color=”#f05339″]CONTACT URBAN[/mk_button]