Recent Projects – Reclaimed Maple Gym Floor

We are always excited to see some installation views of our reclaimed materials.

Robert sent these images along with the nice note below.

“Believe it or not, we’re not totally finished with our room project! It has become somewhat of a joke around here. We started this project Labor Day weekend of 2010, thinking it would take 2 – 3 weekends…  Ha freaking Ha! Right? The room is a garage conversion which was done prior to our ownership of the house. This is “my room” to play music and store drums but is also a cool room to hang in with company.

Anyway, as the project began we were thinking “get rid of the nasty carpet and way out of date painted paneling” well, that was only the tip of the iceberg. Now, after a year, we’ve fixed a cracked ceiling joist, run completely new air ducts, moved a closet from one side of the room to the opposite corner, double sheet-rocked the entire room, added sound barrier between the two layers of sheet rock, removed the old faux stone hearth and replaced it with a cool wood one that has storage below it and…. drum roll please… added the AWESOME reclaimed floor from Urban Evolutions.

In a weird kind of way, we are thank the process began taking much longer than anticipated because during that time we came across reclaimed flooring like you sell. My wife saw it at a  live music complex here in Dallas. They have two rooms which have old gym flooring and she thought it looked great. As you well know, she was right. That evening, on the old iPhone, she found you guys on eBay while I was still watching the band. It didn’t take much convincing, I thought it looked incredible and we went for it. It sure beats purchasing flooring from some big store and the price was very competitive. We’re not done just yet and hope to have a 1 year anniversary project party and finish this bad boy and then… Beers all around! All we need now is to finish the hearth, mantel and get the rest of my musical gear from my workplace.

Thanks for your help. The flooring looks, feels and “sounds” great!

Take care, Robert”

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